Best Skilled Trades for the Future - with Michael Coronado and Phillip Owens FULL EPISODE

Best Skilled Trades for the Future - with Michael Coronado and Phillip Owens FULL EPISODE

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Publish Date:
May 31, 2024
Skilled Trades
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Are you leveling up in your trade?

Today’s manufacturing and mechanical trades are rapidly evolving like most skilled trades, which requires workers to find programs that will grow their skills to stay competitive.

The Proud Skilled Worker brings you a conversation that dives into how companies invest in certifications for their employees and which programs you should be looking into TODAY.

Take it from the skilled workers at Skillwork who have experience in multiple trades.

We want to help you be prepared to not only get a job but KEEP your job.

Main Takeaways:
🛠 What certifications should skilled workers be getting?
🛠 How to find programs to level up your skills
🛠 Qualities skilled workers need to have to find a job easily
🛠 Companies need to invest in their employees to grow
🛠 A career in the skilled trades has potential

⏰ 00:00-03:35 | What certifications are skilled workers looking to get today?
⏰ 03:35-07:03 | Qualities needed in any skilled worker to get a job
⏰ 07:03-14:52 | How can companies invest in certifications for their employees?
⏰ 14:52-18:07 | Find ways to invest in yourself and grow your trade
⏰ 18:07-20:07 | A career in the trades has promising growth opportunities

💬 “Companies are steering away from the actual mechanics and line workers and are getting into robotics and automation.” - Phillip Owens
💬 ”If you want to grow there's always the opportunity to just hang out with the older guys that have been doing it for a while and they'll teach you a trick or two.” - Michael Coronado
💬 “If you have somebody that's willing to do anything to learn the job, because they enjoy what they're doing, or they have a great attitude—that’s who I’d hire.” - Phillip Owens
💬 “Companies need to take a better approach at leveling up and and growing their own employees.” - Michael Peatrowsky
💬 “In two and a half months you can get a certification that is now going to work for you for the rest of your life.” - Michael Peatrowsky
💬 “Anybody that graduated high school could do a certification program in the summer and by the time August rolls around, they’re ready to go with a career.” - Michael Peatrowsky
💬 “I could work at Skillwork as a representative for them to go out and travel to different bases or even help military veterans.” - Michael Coronado

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