Alternative careers for law graduates and lawyers

Alternative careers for law graduates and lawyers

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February 11, 2024
Legal Careers
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A law degree and legal experience can enable you to develop a broad range of transferable skills and attributes that are highly relevant to countless careers that don’t involve practising law.

Check out this video for an insight into what these skills are, and how they are typically developed.

This video forms part of our eight-part animated video series covering dozens of non-legal careers that require many of the skills and attributes often developed by law students and lawyers.

This includes a range of creative, commercial, education, operations, politics, and start-up roles, as well as roles related to law that don't actually involve practising law.

In each video, we explain what the career can involve, and how aspects of the roles correspond with the tasks often carried out in the context of legal education and legal practice.

The course also includes interviews with a range of ex-lawyers and law graduates, covering:

• Their journeys into law
• What they liked about being a lawyer
• Why they left the City
• What they're doing now
• How their legal experience has helped in a non-legal context

This includes individuals who now work in journalism, operations, legal tech, crypto, entrepreneurship, property, recruitment, start-ups, and more.

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