West-MEC Career Training Programs | General Construction Technology at Southwest Campus

West-MEC Career Training Programs | General Construction Technology at Southwest Campus

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June 22, 2024
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The General Construction Technology program prepares students to enter the residential and commercial construction industry. Students will learn estimating, concrete, masonry, framing, dry-wall, basic electrical, basic plumbing, roofing, hand and power tools, rigging and materials handling, along with site safety.

Apart from the core curriculum, learners are trained for the job-seeking process through mock interviews and resume building workshops. During the program, accommodations and modifications are provided to high school students based on the IEP/504.

After completion of the one-year program, successful candidates will be prepared to seek one or more certifications like the occupational and Health Safety (OSHA) 10. Moreover, West-MEC offers industry credential tests at no additional cost. Through this building construction technology program and certification, students are provided a pathway to economic independence.

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General Construction Technology Program: https://west-mec.edu/general-construction-technology/
High School Programs: https://west-mec.edu/central-programs/
Adult Education: https://west-mec.edu/career-training-adult-education/
Professional Development: https://pdcircle.west-mec.org/certification-series/

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