No One Warned Me About This Struggle in Flight Training

No One Warned Me About This Struggle in Flight Training

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May 23, 2024
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Even after nearly 1,000 flight hours, I was caught off guard by this feeling when going back to flight school. It's easy to get discouraged and feel like an "outsider" in aviation but I wanted to share this story in hopes that it would encourage you to push through that feeling and remember that in a flight school or aviation community, we are all united by the common bond of loving to fly. It's easy to feel like everyone else knows all of the answers or no one else struggles with the knowledge or flight skills, and that's simply not true.

Shoutout to Brian Williams at American Flyers in Addison, TX for the encouragement and conversation that led me to make this video! This video is not sponsored or affiliated with American Flyers.

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